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Anna Chapman will star in a Russian spy movie!!!

Anna Chapman is clearly one of the 2011 rising stars in Russia. “Undercover spy turned media star Anna Chapman marked the New Year by starring in a parody of a popular Soviet spy film and then telling Russians never to keep love a secret.

The increasingly prolific Chapman, who has ranged between erotic modeling, politics and lion taming since her expulsion from the United States, was shown for the first time turning to acting in the short film.

The film, broadcast in state-controlled Channel One’s glitzy New Year gala, showed Chapman playing herself as she met Maxim Isayev, the fictional undercover hero from the legendary Soviet series ‘Seventeen Moments of Spring’.” AFP

In his first two years in office President Barack Obama has enjoyed great victories: The repeal of DADT and health care reform. But Obama has also been criticized for his slow response to the BP oil spill disaster and his inability to bring down the high unemployment numbers. In my opinion Obama’s greatest mistake was his decision to deport the beautiful Russian spy, Anna Chapman. Republicans, Democrats and Independent voters will exact their revenge, and Obama will be lucky if he remains in office.

America’s loss has been Russia’s gain, the gorgeous and talented femme fatale has been very busy capitalizing on her fame. The lovely patriot has been a fixture on Russian TV, delighting viewers with her intelligence, wit and charm.

Anna Chapman and Sarah Palin are peas in a pod, they both feel comfortable in the celebrity and political worlds. Anna is considering running for Russian parliament. I hope Palin follows Chapman’s example and does some erotic modeling of her own.

There is one big difference, Chapman’s IQ is off the charts, and Palin, is well, an idiot.

Palin can see Russia from her home in Alaska, on a clear day she may even be able to see Chapman as she’s surrounded by well wishers and supporters. Eat your heart out Sarah Palin!


Russia ex-spy Sergei Tretyakov mysterious death in Florida

Former Russian spy Sergei Tretyakov, who defected for the United States in 2000, has been reported dead in Florida by a local newspaper. The way he died raised many speculations: he choked to death on a piece of meat.

Tretyakov defected to the US while in a espionage operation at the United Nations in New York in 2000. Since then, he was living in Florida where he died on June 13 according to local media.

A Florida medical examiner’s report shows that Sergei Tretyakov also had a cancerous tumor in his colon.

At this point, no evidence indicate that Tretyakov could have been murdered but as usual many speculations arise over Russian secret services methods.


Will the “spy scandal” ruin US-Russia global warming?

Everything seemed so perfect between Barack Obama and Dmitri Medvedev last week in Washington. Well things have changed since then. A dozen alleged Russian “spies” have been arrested in the United States. However Russians and Americans don’t seem to be willing to turn this James Bond style crisis into something big. Both Nations realize that they can’t waste such a recent friendship.

Russia and the US hope that the recent “spy scandal” will not damage bilateral relations and that the “reset” in Russian-US relations declared 18 months ago will go ahead. 

Last Sunday the US police detained ten suspects in a purported Russian spy ring. The 11th suspect was arrested in Cyprus on Tuesday. Reports by the US Justice Department claim that the suspects were spying for Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service. Significantly, the arrests came through a few days after Presidents Dmitry Medvedev and Barack Obama held successful talks in Washington and shared a meal in one of the US restaurants. Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov described the timing as “perfect”.  

Lavrov says the “spy scandal” pursues dishonest agenda and runs counter to the “reset” in bilateral relations declared by President Obama over a year ago. Many believe that it is designed to bring down Obama’s ratings in the run-up to mid-term elections to the US Congress.

Andrei Klimov is the Deputy Chairman of the International Relations Committee in the lower house of the Russian parliament.      

“The so-called “spy scandal” is unlikely to damage Russian-American relations, he says. Many in the US are dissatisfied with President Obama’s policies and are ready to set a trap for him. Those discontented have used his good progress with Russia to ruin the “reset”. Provocations of this sort have always accompanied progress in Russian-US relations”, said Klimov.   

The US State Department has indicated, however, that the United States will continue to develop ties with Russia and that no diplomatic expulsions are on the agenda. Washington must be aware of the shakiness of its position. Even those among the political elite doubt the seriousness of accusations against the arrested “spies”.

Former National Security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski has described the whole story as “slightly absurd”, since, he said, the scale of “espionage activity” is too insignificant to be blown up into a scandal. Mass media and ordinary citizens are skeptical about the incident. Most American bloggers see it as “a James Bond thriller”. Some argue it was fabricated to enhance the reputation of special services.   

Meanwhile, a New York court released one of the suspects, Vicky Pelaez, on $250-thousand bail on Thursday. The judge explained that she was the only of the “spies” who had never concealed her citizenship or name.   

For today, the accused are incriminated with carrying no official registration to act as foreign agents. Doing this kind of work without official permit is punishable by up to five years in prison.    

The suspects are also charged with money-laundering. The US authorities claim that the funds they received for their work and life in America were not declared, that they paid no tax on them, and that the money was used for illegal activities, a charge much more serious than the other ones. As for accusations of espionage, FBI said none of the suspects disclosed state secrets.   

Russia’s Foreign Ministry has said Russian diplomats will be ready to help their compatriots with any information, if needed.