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Missile sale to Iran: will Russia resist to Israeli pressures?

Russian military deals to Iran are obviously getting more and more controversial those days among Western powers, especially United States and Israel. The two countries are consistantly asking Russia to give up a military deal to provide Iran with a Russian missile defense system which could protect its nuclear facilities from air strikes.

A cleric in the Revolutionary Guards again warned Iran would hit back with missiles fired at “the heart of Tel Aviv” if it were attacked by its arch-foe Israel.

Russia is under intense Western pressure to distance itself from Iran in a dispute over Tehran’s nuclear program, but has refused to rule out delivering the S-300 anti-aircraft system.

Iranian officials have expressed growing irritation at Russia’s failure so far to supply the S-300, which Israel and the United States do not want Tehran to have.

“Iran expects Russia not to be influenced and pressured by other countries,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast told a news conference.

“We hope this issue will reach a conclusion in the framework of our agreements,” he said.

Analysts say the S-300 could help Iran thwart any attempt by Israel or the United States — which have refused to rule out military action if diplomacy fails to resolve the atomic row — to bomb its nuclear facilities.

The truck-mounted S-300PMU1, known in the West as the SA-20, can shoot down cruise missiles and aircraft. It has a range of 150 km (90 miles) and travels at more than two km per second.

Washington is seeking support from Russia for tougher U.N. sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program, which the West suspects is intended to produce nuclear weapons. Tehran says it is for power generation only.

Israel has hinted it could attack Iran in an effort to prevent it from obtaining nuclear weapons. Iran has threatened to retaliate for any attack by firing missiles at Israel, which is believed to have the Middle East’s only atomic arsenal.

“If Iran’s enemies target the country with their missiles, before the dust settles, the dust of our missiles will be seen in the heart of Tel Aviv,” the semi-official Fars news agency quoted cleric Mojtaba Zolnour as saying.

Zolnour, who has made similar statements before, is a deputy of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s representative in the elite Guards force.


Russian missiles to Iran: Israel pressures finally paid

Iranian government is getting upset after Russia’s reluctancy to deliver them due S300 missiles. I talked about this issue few weeks ago and I remember some friends of mine called me a “conspirationnist”. It seems that Teheran’s reaction confirms the whole story: Russia secretly delivered S300 missiles to Iran, Israel hijacked a cargo freighing the missiles, Netanyahu went to Moscow in order to explain Medvedev he would not accept this type of deal.

Well, apparently, Netanyahu has been convincing and Medvedev decided to halt the delivery. Iran is getting more and more isolated.

Find bellow an article on this story from Rianovosti:

MOSCOW, November 13 (RIA Novosti) – A top Iranian military official on Friday urged Russia to honor its bilateral military contract and deliver the promised S-300 surface-to-air missiles, the Mehr news agency reported.

Gen. Hassan Firouzabadi said Russia was six months behind schedule with deliveries of advanced air-defense systems.

“Why haven’t they delivered the S-300 missiles? Six months have now passed since they were supposed to deliver them,” he said.

Russia signed a contract with Iran on the supply of S-300 air defense systems to the Islamic Republic in December 2005. However, there have been no official reports on the start of the contract’s implementation since then.

The possible deliveries of S-300 missiles to Iran have aroused serious concern in the West and in Israel.

“Russia has to fulfill the contract and not be influenced by Zionist pressure,” Firouzabadi said.

A Russian government official on Thursday said Moscow would not freeze the contract as a concession to the United States.

The official denied media speculations that Russia could freeze the Iranian contract in exchange for Washington’s decision not to place interceptor missiles in Poland and a missile tracking radar in the Czech Republic.

The latest version of the S-300 series is the S-300PMU2 Favorit, which has a range of up to 195 kilometers (about 120 miles) and can intercept aircraft and ballistic missiles at altitudes from 10 meters to 27 kilometers.

It is considered one of the world’s most effective all-altitude regional air defense systems, comparable in performance to the U.S. MIM-104 Patriot system.

Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi urged Russia on Wednesday to fulfill its contract on the supply of S-300 air defense systems to Iran.


what really happened to the Russian hijacked cargo!!!

In a previous post, few weeks ago, I mentioned some theories and rumours I heard in Moscow streets about the Artic Sea, the cargo which mysteriously disappeared in Northern European waters, before reappearing ten days later in West Africa.

The boat was carrying a one million dollars freight of timber, which seemed to anyone quite a small profit for such a kamikaze operation in some of the most controlled sea region.

As I had heard quite a few times in Moscow, I talked about nuclear weapons secretly transfered. The truth does not seem that far from my prior hypothesis. Would Russia have sent some of its best warships to seize the cargo so fast for lumber?

What most people (well informed people of course!!!) now believe and openly say is that the ship was actually carrying ground-air missiles to Iran.

Israeli intelligence, which is planning a air attack on Iranian nuclear facilities, heard about the freight and believed this new generation missiles could fail the operation and shot down many Israeli fighters.

Israeli government then decided to send special forces in the Baltic sea to seize the boat (who else than a special force unit could be professional enough to seize a boat in the most populated sea corridor), took control of the boat and took the missiles away.

End of the story??? Not so fast. Russian authorities, and Vladimir Putin especially, got quite upset when they realized what had happened and how they got fooled by Israel. Therefore, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu secretly went to Moscow to settle the issue directly with Medvedev and Putin.

Of course his journey to Russia did not remain secret…