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Georgia’s furious after French/Russian deal

It is well known that the US already tried to break the military deal between France and Russia. It is now Georgia’s turn to shout after the sell of two french modern warships to Russia. Georgians (as Americans) fear indeed that this very specific type of warship that Russia is about to buy would be especially efficient to fight Georgian type wars and would enable Russian army to send troops and helicopters extremely rapidly to Georgia.

Georgia’s ambassador to Paris says it is “incomprehensible” that France could sell a massive warship to Russia.

Ambassador Mamuka Kudava is also lashing out at Russia as the “proven aggressor” in the Georgia-Russia war in 2008, which France helped end through shuttle diplomacy in its role at the time as European Union president.

Kudava’s comments came Tuesday, in the middle of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev’s three-day state visit to France.

On Monday, Medvedev and French President Nicolas Sarkozy said their countries are in exclusive talks about a possible sale to Russia of four of the French-made Mistral warships.

The sale would mark the first major sale of military hardware from a NATO country to Russia.