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Presidential elections in Ukraine: and the winner is…. Russia

Viktor Yanukovich was elected president of Ukraine on Sunday. Great news for Russia. The two main contenders were actually good picks for Medvedev/Putin compared to former president Yuschenko. But Yanukovich election is even better with Russia, which five years after the “Orange revolution”, gets back its influence over his former ally.

The heart of Ukraine beats once again on the East… A very happy ending for Vladmir Putin!!!

Russia’s president is prepared to work with Ukraine’s newly-elected head of state, presidential press secretary Natalia Timakova said on Thursday.

“President Medvedev has voiced his position more than once. He is unprepared to work with President Yushchenko, and this position remains,” she said. “As for the new president, elected by the Ukrainians, the head of the Russian Federation is prepared to work with him.”

At the same time Timakova said it was necessary to wait for the official announcement of election results in Ukraine.

She recalled that earlier President Medvedev had sent his congratulations to Viktor Yanukovich upon his success in the presidential election.

On February 9 they had a telephone conversation and Russia’s president greeted Viktor Yanukovich “upon the end the election campaign, which was highly evaluated by international observers, and upon his success in Ukraine’s presidential election.”

According to the Central Election Commission, which has processed 100 percent of electronic protocols presented by district commissions, the leader of the Party of Regions Viktor Yanukovich collected 48.95 percent of the votes in the presidential election runoff (12,481,268 votes), and his rival, Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko, 45.47 percent (11,593,340 votes).

The official returns are to be announced no later than February 17. The new head of state is to take office within the first month following the official declaration of election returns.