Suicide bombing in Daghestan: an ever deteriorating situation!!!

The worst seems the rule in Daghestan those days. This time, a suicide bomber tried to blow himself into a police headquarters… Unfortunately, this is not the first time I report this type of situation in Daghestan.

The bomber tries to crash an SUV into a traffic police headquarters but is thwarted by officers who ram a truck into the vehicle. The explosives go off, killing the officers, who are hailed as heroes.

January 06, 2010|By Megan K. Stack

  • Russian Police
  • Reporting from Moscow — A suicide bomber targeted a traffic police headquarters in the restive Russian republic of Dagestan on Wednesday, killing five officers and injuring 19 more.

    As a small, Russian-made SUV careened toward the building about 8 a.m., a team of police rammed their vehicle into the bomber’s. The explosives went off on impact, killing all the police officers in the truck but preventing the bomber from reaching his target.

    The death toll would have been much higher had the officers not intervened, officials in Dagestan said. The men were being hailed as heroes.


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