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Train bombing: Chechen separatists claim responsability

who said war and civil unrest were over in Chechnya. Certainly not me. The situation in chechnya has much improved these past years, but until the very roots of the conflicts are settled, we’ll continue to see bombings such as this one.

Funny how Americans, so quick to fight terrorism, remained silent… Are there different types of terrorism? 

Chechen separatists took responsibility on Wednesday for the bombing of a luxury train last week that killed 26 people in Russia, but the authorities gave no indication that the claim was credible. The separatists said in a letter to a Web site,, that they were seeking to strike at economically important targets in Russia. It was not clear why, if they were responsible, they delayed in making their claim. They wrote that they were loyal to a Chechen militant leader, Doku Umarov, who wants an Islamic state in Chechnya, a Muslim region in the Caucasus. Chechen extremists carried out several terrorist attacks in Russia outside the Caucasus earlier in the decade.