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On the hedge of Russia-Georgia war 2 ?

It seems that the tension between Russia and its southern neighboor are getting more obvious every day (did it  ever stop?)

Yesterday, the Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrei Nesterenko warned Georgia against a sea blockade in Abkhazia after local authorites claimed that Georgian navy blocked 23 ships in black sea waters near Abkhazia.

So the saga continues and I am not very optimistic about how it’s gonna end. Russians are getting nervous and upset by Georgia’s new confidence.

Well, Western countries are obviously behind Georgia, but they were behind Georgia before the war and it did not prevent any thing.

But indeed things might be slightly different now. Russia has made its point (if I may say so), proving to the world they still were able to rule their neighboor countries.

But Russia has also seen the limits of this cold war strategy. Western countries got even more cautious and the country’s credential has been seriously harmed after this war.

Will it prevent Russia to fight for what most of the people believe to be a fair and necessary war? Not sure. Russians have a deep feeling ((not talking about politicians) that Georgia is deliberately bullying Russians in Ossetia and Abkhazia.