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Was the hijacked Russian cargo loaded with nuclear arrows?

To be honest with you, this whole story of nuclear arrows illegally on board on the Russian cargo first sounded too much of a James Bond plot to be taken seriously.

But it seems that every day I hear new pieces of information about this story (and it’s hard not to get the Moscow buzz) and I start to wonder if there’s not some truth into this story.

 Was the Russian cargo which mysteriously disappeared a few weeks ago in Scandinavian waters was actually carrying nuclear arrows? Nuclear wastes?

One thing sounds clear to me. There was something a lot more important on board than timber.

I must admitt that even at the very beginning of the story, I did not buy the Somali-type pirate attack along North-European shores. Who would be stupid enough to hijack a timber loaded boat in the midst of the most crowded and secured sea area on the planet?

Well, either someone very dumb, or someone who knew the cargo had a much more valuable freight than a bunch of trees…

Once that said, I would not have imagined one second that the freight was about uranium, nuclear wastes or even nuclear arrows.

The information has come around for quiet a time now around Moscow, but I first did not want to report it. I try in this blog to bring balanced and serious non reported information on Russia, I’m not here to spread all the conspiracy theory rumours that comes around (and believe me, there’s a lot of them!!!)

Well, I do not pretend that this nuclear theory is hard as a fact, but it gets more consistent every day.

If not (and I deeply hope it’s not), the Russian cargo mystery will remain intact for some time. One thing is sure now: the hijackers did not give a s*** about timber or even ransom. They took this huge risk because they knew there was something of high interest on board.

Hope we’ll know what it was soon enough.


Someone talked about Dagestan and Ingushetia…

Public unrest in Dagestan and neighbour Ingushetia is getting worst and worst everyday. I wrote about it almost a month ago, but I guess the death toll was not high enough by this time.

It seems that enough innocent people (not all them were not that innocent) died in attacks and bloody assassinations and Western media are now discovering where Dagestan is located on a map.

And as always, the coverage is nothing less than superficial and sensational.

Does anyone wonder who benefits from the crime? Who are the people that are killed and who might be behind this unrest? I do as many in Russia.

Wait and see for the next episode…