Wishful thinking: for a smart and balance coverage of Russia


Getting a bit angry at Reuters these days… It seems that the once venerable agency has turned into a “Michael Moore-type critics of Russian authority.

In an article published last week and neutrally entitled “No Democracy needed for Russia, says ruling party think-tank”, Reuters’ journalist Amie Ferris-Rotman implies that despite Medvedev goodwill, Russian government (and ruling party) wants stronger leadership instead of democracy.

I hate when journalists use these type of shortcuts. Public Projects Institute, the so-called think-tank close to the ruling party is one of dozens of “think-tanks” (I don’t like this word especially for this kind of organization ).

Public Projects Institute and its chief MP Vladimir Pigin are notorously conservative not to say more. Their voice has indeed some impact in Russia but as many other. Not less, not more.

That’s my point and that’s when Reuters does “Michael Moore” or “gotcha” journalism as Sarah Palin said.

Who could imagine Reuters writing a story mentioning an organization close to the US government when NRA asks for legalizing the sale of machine guns.

It’s too easy to build a theory over the most extreme example. Russian political life is much more complex and yet interesting than that.


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