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Boris berezovsky: rise and fall of a first generation oligarch (part 2)

I admit I was being a bit provocative publishing a Russia Today report in my last week post. For those of you who think (and eventually told me) I have sold my soul to the Kremlin, I just want to make my point clear.

Berezovsky -as Khodorkovsky as a matter of fact- claims he is the sole democrat in Russia and that he is being prosecuted for his liberal positions.

We all know this is not true. Prosecutions against him are for the least shady and highly political, but have nothing to do with a struggle for liberty and democracy.

Berezovsky was a ruthless and ambitious businessman who thought that because he helped Putin being elected would be at the very heart of Russian power.

He was wrong, did not accept it and thought he was strong enough to test Putin. He lost the battle, end of the story.

Russia Today report was indeed biased, but not that much more than other reports we see on Russia lately. I wanted to promote it because I thought that at least, it was a good way to bring another point of view within the debate…